Gear and Equipment

What to Bring to Practice

  • A water bottle with a lid (the bottom of the boat is not clean, so make sure you have a bottle where the mouthpiece is covered)

  • Sunscreen and bugspray

  • A change of clothes or towel for your drive home

What to Wear When Paddling

  • You will get wet. Wear clothing that will not absorb moisture (not cotton or denim). 

  • A hat and sunglasses - the kind you wouldn't mind losing in the water (or you can use those rad strings to keep them from falling out of the boat)

  • Supportive footwear that can get wet like water shoes or sport sandals (see recommendations below)

  • Weather clothing like a rain jacket, toque, etc as needed

  • Paddling gloves (optional)

  • Life jacket (use your own or use the club jackets)

Gear Recommendations

  • This one from Amazon is a great option for a low cost, lightweight paddle.

  • Ready to upgrade? Check out this one from Typhoon8 or this one from Burnwater for a high quality, lightweight and durable paddle.

  • There is a vendor at the Lethbridge Dragon Boat Festival that sells these PFDs, which are popular among dragon boaters.

  • Here's another great option.


Any gloves with grippy palms will do. Gardening gloves like these are a great budget option. For paddling-specific gloves, check out these options:

  • Our favourite shoes are any sport sandals by Keen - they are perfect for paddling. 

  • A more budget friendly option is water shoes or aqua socks like these. If you choose to use water shoes, make sure you fully dry them after every practice - the water in the reservoir does not smell good. 


  • A seatpad is useful for practice - your behind will thank you. 

  • If you have to bring your phone with you, use a waterproof pouch.